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2015 In Figures
The year 2015 was a successful year, especially in terms of editing.

No News Is Good News
I have no news so far, mainly because I'm pretty busy with projects.

Program Of International Certification Of Translators Is Carried Out
I have carried out the program of international certification of translators – ProZ Certified PRO for English to Russian translation



Below you can find some of my translation and localization projects.


Localization of Software For Internet Cafes

Volume: 44488 words
Completed: May 2009
Languages: English to Russian, English to Ukrainian
Fields: Computers, Software, Computer Systems, Networks

Localization of software for Internet Cafes from English into Russian and Ukrainian. Translation of Help files, user interfaces, user guides, installation guides, etc. The localized product is ready for use in Russia and Ukraine.

Partial Localization of Website

Volume: 1000 words
Completed: Feb 2009
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Internet, Social Networks, IT (Information Technology), Marketing

Partial localization of the Audiko website – the first online tool that helps to create a ringtone out of any song or video.

Legal Notes for Online Gaming

Volume: 10562 words
Completed: Feb 2009
Languages: English to Ukrainian, English to Russian
Fields: Law, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Contract(s), Games, Video Games

Translation of legal notes (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, License Agreement) for a game portal offering online gaming. Translation was made from English into both Russian and Ukrainian.

Partial Software Localization

Volume: 17899 words
Completed: Jan 2009
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: IT (Information Technology), Computers, Software

English to Ukrainian localization of OCR software, dealing with over 100 languages. The software recognizes scanned documents, handwritten text, bar-codes in different formats. Translation of Help files, elements of GUI (Graphic User Interface), and User Guide using Trados TagEditor.

Translation of Demo

Volume: 30000 words
Completed: Dec 2008
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Computers, Systems, Networks, Hardware, Mac

Translation of software demo files and presentations for one of the world leading hardware and software manufacturers.

Software Localization

Volume: 5306 words
Completed: Sep 2008
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Computers, Software, IT (Information Technology)

Localization of software, including translation of strings, controls, user interface, etc.

HR Translation

Volume: 15642 words
Completed: Sep 2008
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Human Resources, Management

Translation of instructions for HR Department.

Translation of Social Care Brochure

Volume: 4501 words
Completed: Aug 2008
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Medical, Health Care,  Social Science, Sociology, Ethics

Translation of brochure about Social Care Services in the United Kingdom.

Translation of Agricultural Stuff

Volume: 22245 words
Completed: Aug 2008
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Agriculture, Livestock, Animal Husbandry, Marketing

Translation of a website and presentation about international agriculture market. The translation was performed using MS Publisher.

Website Translation

Volume: 500 words
Completed: Jul 2008
Languages: Russian to English
Fields: Internet, e-Commerce, IT (Information Technology)

Translation of a website for one of the leading Ukrainian software product companies – Studio 908.

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