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2015 In Figures
The year 2015 was a successful year, especially in terms of editing.

No News Is Good News
I have no news so far, mainly because I'm pretty busy with projects.

Program Of International Certification Of Translators Is Carried Out
I have carried out the program of international certification of translators – ProZ Certified PRO for English to Russian translation



Below you can find some of my translation and localization projects.


Documentation for Breast Implants

Volume: 27014 words
Completed: Apr 2011
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Medical, Health Care, Cosmetics, Beauty

Translation of documentation for breast implants, including descriptions, indications, instructions for use, side effects, etc.

Translation of a Presentation

Volume: 16813 words
Completed: Mar 2011
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Computers, Software, Advertising, Public Relations

Translation of a presentation dedicated to the new security tool developed by the world-leading software company.

Editing of IT Documentation

Volume: 55 hours
Completed: Jan 2011
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Computers, Hardware, Systems, Networks, IT

Editing of documentation related to migration to the new web platform: presentation, advantages and ways of migration. The documentation is designed for corporate users.

Translation of Tablet Computer Presentation

Volume: 11600 words
Completed: Dec 2010
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Hardware, Software, Systems, Networks, Marketing

Translation of a presentation for a world famous tablet computer. The job is mainly marketing, but it also includes some technical data. It combines the gloss of promotional material and strict adherence to the glossary.

Translation of Manuals for Video Equipment

Volume: 31443 words
Completed: Sep 2010
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Media, Multimedia, Telecommunications

Translation of a series of manuals for one of the world leading video equipment manufacturers. TVs, DVDs, etc.

Translation of Video Game Website

Volume: 52181 words
Completed: Jul 2010
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Systems, Networks, Video Games, Marketing

Translation of a portal for one of the most popular video game and console producers. This work included translation of game descriptions, customer support information, news, legal and copyright information, and so on and so forth. The translation was both technical and marketing.

Operator Manuals And UI For Medical Equipment

Volume: 20592 words
Completed: May 2010
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Medical Instruments, IT, Biology

Translation of on-screen instructions and operator manuals for an automated slide stainer. This equipment is designed for histology and cytology staining applications.

Translation of E-Recruitment Software

Volume: 15279 words
Completed: Apr 2010
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Software, Human Resources

Translation of full-service e-recruitment system that allows companies to search and hire employees, choose the most appropriate specialists, carry out trainings, and so on. In the course of assignment I translated user interface and documentation for this software.

Translation of a Travel Portal

Volume: 54061 words
Completed: Dec 2009
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Tourism & Travel, Marketing, Geography

Translation of a big portal dedicated to travel and tourism. Its content includes the list of pathways with their descriptions, as well as information about major attractions, country’s population, interesting facts, history, etc.

Localization of Racing Video Game

Volume: 9053 words
Completed: Jun 2009
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Video Games, Gaming, Automotive, Cars & Trucks

Participation in localization of a very popular racing video game. Translation of descriptions of various car models and brands. Translation of success stories of the most legendary racing cars.

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