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2015 In Figures
The year 2015 was a successful year, especially in terms of editing.

No News Is Good News
I have no news so far, mainly because I'm pretty busy with projects.

Program Of International Certification Of Translators Is Carried Out
I have carried out the program of international certification of translators – ProZ Certified PRO for English to Russian translation



Below you can find some of my translation and localization projects.


Manual for Hearing Device

Volume: 7688 words
Completed: Aug 2012
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Software, Medical Instruments

Translation of a fitting guide for an active bone conduction implant system (audio processor). Includes instructions for setting up hardware and software, fitting, tuning, presets, and so on. It's a combination of medical and technical subject areas.

Localization of a Gameplay

Volume: 17209 words
Completed: Jul 2012
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Video Games, Literature, Multimedia

Localization of a gameplay for a 3rd person action adventure game, including scenario, dialogs and menus. The game is full of humor, switcheroos, and unusual characters.

Localization of Smartphones

Volume: 19497 words
Completed: Jun 2012
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Computers, Software, Telecommunications

Localization of mobile phones and smartphones produced by a world-known Dutch electronics manufacturer. Within the framework of this project, I have localized user manuals and user interfaces of several devices.

Translation of Healthcare Booklet

Volume: 6305 words
Completed: Jun 2012
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Nutrition, Medical, Health Care, Food & Dairy

Translation of a booklet issued by one of European health care government agencies. The booklet is a guide to introducing solid foods to babies, and it deals with tips on meals, examples of nutrition plans, recipes, etc.

Translation of Manuals for Scooters

Volume: 25994 words
Completed: Feb 2012
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Mechanics, Safety, Sports, Recreation

Translation of a set of owner's manuals for one of the most popular brands of ridable toys. The project includes safety warnings, set-up instructions, maintenance, troubleshooting, warranty information, etc. These manuals cover kick scooters, electric scooters, electric motorbikes, electric four-wheelers.

Oil Company Questionnaire

Volume: 6658 words
Completed: Jan 2012
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Automotive, Cars & Trucks, Petroleum, Surveying

Translation of a huge oil company's questionnaire. The project deals with information about vehicles, fuel, and filling stations.

Translation of Documents For Consumer Electronics

Volume: 86161 words
Completed: Sep 2011
Languages: English to Ukrainian
Fields: Media, Multimedia, Electronics, Electronic Engineering

Translation of a batch of documents for consumer electronics. The project involves user manuals, technical specifications, elements of user interface, and so on. The work on this project lasted for approx. six months.

Localization of Browser-Based Strategy Game

Volume: 31996 words
Completed: Jul 2011
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Video Games, Multimedia, Computers, Networks

Localization of a popular online browser-based strategy game including gameplay, dialogs, characters, menus, seasonal updates, artifacts, etc. The project is ongoing.

Localization of Software and Website

Localization of Contenta Converter software and translation of Contenta Software company website. Contenta Converter is all-in-one photo converter product with intuitive interface, that allows to configure important settings and automate common tasks. This project involved using OmegaT translation tool.

Volume: 16813 words
Completed: Mar 2011
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Computers, Software, Advertising, Public Relations

Translation of Code of Ethics

Volume: 13079 words
Completed: Apr 2011
Languages: English to Russian
Fields: Human Resources, Safety, Social Science, Sociology, Ethics

Translation of the Code of Ethics for the employees of the world's largest dedicated glass repair and replacement company. The project deals with the principles of work, health, safety & security, harassment, dealing with customers, bribery & corruption, confidential information, and many other issues.

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