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2015 In Figures
The year 2015 was a successful year, especially in terms of editing.

No News Is Good News
I have no news so far, mainly because I'm pretty busy with projects.

Program Of International Certification Of Translators Is Carried Out
I have carried out the program of international certification of translators – ProZ Certified PRO for English to Russian translation

2011 In Figures
8 May 2012

I’m happy to announce that 2011 was the most successful year in my carrier (applause). Below you can find more details about my achievement – now accompanied by graphic material (storm of applause).

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General Information

1. In 2011 I've completed 359 projects
2. In 2011 I've completed projects for 34 clients
3. In 2011 I've completed projects for clients from 16 countries of the world
4. In 2011 I've translated 485,536 words

Services Provided In 2011

English-Russian Translation            43.1%
English-Russian Proofreading         21.9%
English-Ukrainian Translation          21.7%
English-Ukrainian Proofreading       8%
Russian-English Translation            3.5%
Ukrainian-English Translation          0.5%
Russian-Ukrainian Translation        1.2%

Number Of Projects By Countries