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2015 In Figures
The year 2015 was a successful year, especially in terms of editing.

No News Is Good News
I have no news so far, mainly because I'm pretty busy with projects.

Program Of International Certification Of Translators Is Carried Out
I have carried out the program of international certification of translators – ProZ Certified PRO for English to Russian translation

Fields of Expertise

Being a professional freelance translator, I offer English to Russian, English to Ukrainian, Russian to English, and Ukrainian to English translation, editing and proofreading services in the following fields:

•    Agricultural Translation
Agronomy, animal husbandry, livestock, fishery, food industry, forestry, farming

•    Building Translation
Construction, engineering, civil engineering, electricity, real estate, furniture

•    Business Correspondence Translation

•    Documents & Certificates Translation
Certificates, diplomas, licenses, private correspondence

•    Economics Translation
Banking, finance, business, accounting, entrepreneurship, management, investment, reports

•    Education Translation
Training, pedagogy

•    Game Translation
Video games, board games, arcades, RPG, online games, simulators, poker, PC games, console games, game localization, fighting games, racing

•    General Translation

•    HTML Translation
Website localization

•    IT Translation
Computers, software localization, information technologies, internet, systems, networks, e-commerce, multimedia, mobile software, help files, servers, intranet, telecommunications

•    Legal Translation
Contracts, agreements, legal notes, privacy policy, terms and conditions, license, warranty, patents, taxes

•    Literary Translation
Literature, comics

•    Manuals
Software, equipment, domestic appliances

•    Marketing Translation
Advertising, public relations, surveying, market research, press releases, sweepstakes

•    Mass Media Translation
Journalism, radio, TV, cinema, drama, communications

•    Medical Translation
General medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational health, pharmacology, psychology, psychiatry, fitness, health care, instruments, mammography, medical equipment, vascular, implants, hygiene

•    Oil & Gas Translation

•    Social Science Translation
Politics, sociology, culture, music, arts, geography, religion, history, cosmetics, beauty, environment, ecology, European Union, government, human resources

•    Sports Translation
Football, soccer, basketball, hockey, athletics

•    Technical Translation
Mechanics, radio, television broadcasting, automation, equipment, hardware, electronics, industry, household appliances, aerospace

•    Transport Translation
Automotive, aviation, airlines

•    Travel Translation
Tourism, hotels

You can find my sample translations of these fields on the Samples page. Also, you can contact me if the needed field is absent in this list.